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In what format can our firm send documents ?

Your dedicated Audit Super Australia representative will work with you closely to evaluate the most efficient process suitable for both parties. Documents can be emailed, Drop box, Box, sent via disk, uploaded to firm portal, uploaded to ASA portal.

What reports are issued with Audit Engagements?

Audit Super Australia provides all Partner Firms with template Engagement and Representation Letters that can be issued to SMSF trustees. Upon completion of the SMSF Audit an Audit Report and Management Letter is also issued.

What is the pricing for SMSF Audits?

All of our audits are charged at a Flat fee of $350 + GST regardless of size and number – we anticipate Bulk work from each of our clients and pricing is structured as such. Still, whether you have one audit or 1000 you still receive the same great pricing and service.

What happens in an instance where there is an issue with a client's fund?

Audit Super Australia are experienced in working with firms, trustees and governing bodies to ensure that outcomes are suitable for all concerned parties.

What are the turnaround times?

Audit Super Australia has specifically designed 'state of the art' software, dedicated expert auditors, experienced support staff and Industry Best Practice processes. This ensures that our turnaround times are amongst the best within the Industry even at peak time. Our lodgement record speaks for itself – none of our Partner firms have ever had a compliance lodgement issue due to being 'held up in audit'.

How much advice are we allowed to get?

There is no limit to the amount of advice that Partner Firms can receive from our Expert SMSF Auditors.